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Richard Mullender

Hostage Negotiator. It's been a colourful life: After decades as a detective investigating serious crimes, Richard was invited to become a hostage negotiator. His success was such that he was appointed Lead Trainer at the National Hostage and Crisis Unit at Scotland Yard, training hostage negotiators across the UK.

This time Richard was involved in an advisory capacity with the FBI, the UN, The Indian Secret Services, The Scorpions in Mandela’s South Africa and The World Food Programme, among others.

Life or death listening training

Richard now speaks and trains for the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. This latest stage in his career has seen him fulfil speaking and training engagements in every corner of the globe. He’s helped people to achieve ambitious outcomes – from Downing Street to PwC, from LinkedIn to BT, and from Cambridge University to Sky UK. And he can help you, and your people, to do the same.

Alistair Bunkall

Sky News defence correspondent Alistair Bunkall is one of the country's leading broadcasters on security and foreign affairs.

He has covered the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and South Sudan and humanitarian crises and natural disasters around the world. In 2015 he became one of the few journalists in the world to report from North Korea. Much of his work in the past 18 months has focused on counter-terrorism and the rise of Islamic State. He has been a key analyst for the channel during terror attacks in Paris, Brussels, Nice and elsewhere.

He has travelled to the migrants routes, over the Mediterranean from Libya and through Turkey to Greece. His undercover filming in a refugee camp revealed the dreadful conditions the refugees were being housed in.

Alistair was invited to witness and report the lowering of the Union Flag over Camp Bastion for the last time. He was on one of the last flights out of Helmand Province in a secret operation to airlift the last remaining troops to safety. He broke the news that Britain's long war in Afghanistan was finally over.

Alistair has interviewed some of the world's most powerful people, including British Prime Ministers, NATO Secretaries General, US Secretary of State John Kerry, the French President Francois Hollande, Intelligence chiefs and Heads of the Military.  Most recently he flew to Ankara for an exclusive interview with the Turkish Prime Minister in the days after the failed coup.

He is a regular contributor to newspapers and publications including the Daily Telegraph, Spectator, Evening Standard and New Statesman.

Alistair is a regular contributor to newspapers and publications including the Daily Telegraph, Spectator, Evening Standard and New Statesman.

Mandy Hickson

A former Tornado GR4 fast jet pilot with the Royal Air Force, Mandy not only comes with an incredible story, but she manages to combine this with her in depth knowledge of Human Factors, having worked as a facilitator, accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority. Human Factors training recognises that we all make mistakes but provides the ability to deal with risk and reduce errors, giving us tools to be more efficient and effective in our roles. A confident and enthusiastic facilitator with the highest professional standards. Working closely with teams across a large variety of industries to bring the key areas of team dynamics, cultural change, decision making and risk management to the forefront.

Neil Laughton

7 Summits (including Mount Everest) mountaineer. Neil is an engaging and inspirational facilitator with thirty years experience in leadership roles in the military, in business and whilst leading adventurous expeditions on 7 continents. Specialises is consulting, coaching and training business executives on strategy, leadership and teamwork.

Neil has a wealth of stories, anecdotes and exercises that will engage a group of people from any background, seniority and industry, helping them improve their strategic thinking, leadership skills and team-working abilities. As a former Royal Marine and UK special forces officer, Neil has come through some of the most challenging leadership selection and training programs available.

Ed Drake

As a winter Olympian based in London Ed has fought an uphill battle through his racing career. Having vocalised his Olympic dream at 6 years old a relentless drive and willingness to make the hard sacrifices which lead him to the 2010 Games, multiple World Championships and World Cup competitions.

He not only represented Great Britain in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games as Britain’s #1 Alpine skier, but was Britain’s #1 in Ski Cross after one short year on the World Cup Ski Cross circuit (the only British man to become #1 in two different winter sports). Although he lives on an island that is not renowned for its winter sports, he has excelled and become one of the world’s elite athletes at one of the most extreme and challenging winter sports.

Alongside competing Ed served on the British Ski and Snowboard Board of Directors for over 2 years, working hard to shape the system for future athletes. He has spent his career, coaching children/youth and adults year-round, in dry/indoor slopes throughout the UK and abroad as a way to give back to the community that has helped support him throughout his career. Ed attends prize giving ceremonies as a way to send the message to young people that he got where he is today by doing exactly what they are doing, and he visits schools and corporations as a motivational speaker to send the message to young and older people alike, that through hard work and dedication, you can do anything you put your mind to.

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