Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Developing Leader 

Sandstone's Developing Leader courses provide future leaders with the skills they need to become effective leaders within their organisation. They are particularly valuable for organisations such as lawyers, accountants or estate agents which have organisational structures through which the majority of employees are expected to progress over time. The courses can, however, be equally valuable for employers who have identified specific cohorts needing to acquire leadership skills in order to move onwards and upwards.

Leadership is 1% theory and 99% practice

The topics covered on these courses are:

  •  what is leadership
  • communication for leaders
  • presentation skills
  • strategy
  • high performance teams
  • motivation and resilience.

This is Sandstone's flagship course, delivered successfully and to acclaim to many different clients.

If you have to explain that your door is always open – It isn’t

Marginal gains - Leadership - Manchester Velodrome
Sandstone Ambassador Georgia Taylor-Brown - Presentation and media skills
Leadership is a verb not a noun