Having won the city ski championships Sandstone coach Ed Drake recieves his prizes from Damon Hill and Victoria Pendleton

Cedric Astor, Paul Horwood, Ed Drake and Tim and Emily Bradshaw posing for the sponsors!

Timothy Bradhshaw overcoming fear and keeping his head down over the jump at the Army Ski Championships

Timothy Bradshaw fighting to land the jump at the Army Ski Championships

Tim Bradshaw taking a moment to remember soldiers who lost their lives attemting to climb Everest

Timothy Bradshaw training for the attempt on Mount Everest in 2015

Paul Horwood and Timothy Bradshaw pushing their own limits whilst navigatiing their way down the infamous La Grave.

Ed Drake at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. A life time of sacrifice and training coming together to tackle the mens Olympic downhill event

The Sandstone team trianing for the City Ski Championships

Beer earned! train hard, push limits, get better - reward!

The Sandstone team showing off their very smart branded Beyond X team equipment

Ed Drake on his way to gold medal

Emily Bradshaw challengong herself and pushing her own limits during the Giant Slalom

Timothy Bradhsaw with pundit Matt Chiltern taking the opportunity to lend Victoria Pendleton a branded jacket!

David Samuel and Tim Bradshaw using their down days to explore the empty desert quarter outside Dubai

David Samuel, despite breaking two ribs steps up and carries on delivering two weeks worth of training!

Tim Bradshaw and David Samuel having been riding for 4 hours in 50 degree heat in need of some shelter and water!

Sandstone coaches Jeremy Gumbley and Tim Bradshaw having completed their first ever Ironman evemt. It was all about setting a goal then working hard to achieve it.

Paul Horwood in training for his attempt to reach the North Pole on skis in 2018

Paul Horwood looks out into the terrain that he is too spend the next week crossing on foot.

A great effort by the Sandstone Team and family to finish the Blenheim Palace triathlon.

Jeremy Gumbley working hard to stay in the top 10 during the Blenheim Palace triathlon

CFO and Team Sandstone manager Cedric Astor congratulates the guys post traithlon. The branding even extends to the pink Champagne!

Sandstone firmly belive that giving employees the opportunity to challenge themselves outside of their comfort zones can achieve breath taking results.